Putting Together the Puzzle of Life

by Herschel on February 26, 2013


puzzle pieces

Life can be puzzling.

One Christmas, my wife gave me a “master” puzzle with no picture on the box to go by, just a title for the completed scene. I was eager to see the finished product. Sometimes life is puzzling; we’re anxious to see what our finished product will look like. There’s a description in scripture, but we have to fill in the big picture with divine guidance. The pieces of life’s puzzle come to those who diligently seek the Lord (Heb. 11:6). You acquire those pieces through earnestly seeking God, the Master Puzzle Solver. Puzzle pieces can come from: scripture, prayer, sermons, discipleship, creation, books, songs, friends and obedience. Each day holds endless possibilities if you’ll look for God’s hand in everything.

We put life’s puzzle pieces in place through application. If you don’t apply God’s truth, you may lose a piece and have to learn that lesson again and again like Israel did. If you feel aimless in your spiritual life, maybe you aren’t applying what you’re learning.

To put that puzzle together, I started with the easier parts. Later, I completed the more difficult sections. God’s deeper truths are contingent on our laying a foundation of fundamental truths, and only the Holy Spirit can guide us into all truth.

I pieced the puzzle together, and the big picture finally appeared, even though it wasn’t complete. Those who get a vision from God often think it came all at once, but they’ve usually been digging daily in God’s Word and applying it for years. They get so many glimpses of God’s glory that the big picture suddenly comes into focus and it changes their lives.

God reveals His glory to us in pieces, glimpses, and moments, so we can digest what He shows us. We can only experience a little of God at a time; He is so vast and infinite, that there’s no way to take Him all in at once. Some pieces, like the basic fundamentals, are out there for anyone to find. Then there are the deeper things for which we must dig more diligently. Make it your business to seek God daily and find pieces of His plan for your life.


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