The Need for Fathers

by Herschel on February 26, 2013


Father & Son

 Recently, I went to a picnic where I met a young boy about 6 years old who’s being raised by his grandmother. He and I immediately “clicked” (maybe that’s because I have two sons of my own), and he wanted to play and “rough-house” and be silly – by the way, that’s what I’m good at!  We had a great time horsing around with each other, but after I left the picnic, I started thinking how much this young boy and in fact all children need a father or a “father figure” who is a positive male role model.

For a variety of reasons, many men have given up their parenting roles to women (sometimes they’ve been forced to do so). While women try valiantly to fill both parental roles, they aren’t designed for that. One of the Elders at our church, Greg Lang, has written a great book called, Why A Son Needs A Dad. According to Greg, “A son needs a dad who can be playful and silly… to wrestle with him in the grass… to help him build a tree house.” All kids need a dad (or a positive male role model) to “be there” and play creatively with them. Children need dads, “to encourage them when they meet with disappointment… to share with them the wisdom they have not yet acquired and give them the gentle ‘pushes’ that help them grow.” They need dads “who will discipline them firmly and fairly while loving them relentlessly.” Women tend to be more nurturing while men help to lend discipline and structure to the family environment. Boys need dads who will model what it means to be good husbands and fathers; how else will they learn how to do those things?

Michael Connor, professor emeritus at Cal. State, Long Beach, has taught “Fathers and Fathering” since 1975. He writes, “A real father… provides consistent nurturing, care and support for his children. I would suggest that the most masculine thing a man can do is to raise and love his child… Nothing else comes close to that.” Most of all, children need fathers who will give them a positive view of their Heavenly Father and teach them to look to Him in all situations.

Happy Fathers Day!


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